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The Save The Borgias Fan Campaign™ is dedicated to reversing the premature cancelation of this stunningly beautiful, deftly written, and superbly acted Showtime program. We want Showtime and CBS to keep their promise to viewers and finish the story of the Borgia family with at least one more season to give the series a proper ending!
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Borgias Emoji

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Machiavelli doing double duty as a stylist.


Something I came up with during my mini rage.

Lucrezia + Micheletto

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The Borgias > The Poisoned Chalice

Juan Borgia in armor.

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Reasons to love The Borgias: Rodrigo’s euphemisms.

Cesare’s soon-to-be-released new project: Amapola.

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François Arnaud in Amapola Trailer (x)


giulia farnese + hairporn


Amapola: June 5 in cinemas (Argentina)

Trailer (x)

Frank Cadogan Cowper, Lucretia Borgia Reigns in the Vatican in the Absence of Pope Alexander VI (1908-14)

This is a re-creation of an obscure and scandalous incident from the history of the Popes. In 1501 the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, Lucrezia Borgia, took his place at a meeting. Frank Cowper has invented this suggestive moment in which two noblemen part Lucrezia’s dress so that a Francisan friar can kiss her shoe.The room in the Vatican in which Lucrezia Borgia appeared still exists. It was decorated by the Italian Renaissance artist Pinturrichio. Cowper went there to copy it and painted the faces of the Cardinals from their original portraits.

It really did happen! Go Lu! :-)

As you sink into the darkness call out his name, see if he replies, or if you must hear the eternal silence! - Rodrigo Borgia

Can a woman, your Holiness, occupy the chair of St. Peter’s?Well, plainly one does.

Happy Birthday Lucrezia!

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